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Physician Grade™ AM/PM Vitamins


“The secret key to weight-loss revealed!”

Reducing your caloric intake can take its toll on your body. Dieting can signal your body to hold onto fat cells. This plateau effect happens because your body thinks that there is a something wrong. The problem is that along with the decrease in calories, there has also been a reduction in necessary nutrients.

Dieting can cause your metabolism to decrease. A drop in metabolism can not only make you feel tired and less likely to exercise, but it also hinders the body’s ability to burn fat. It’s a fact that when the body is healthier it responds more favorably to changes in your diet. Specific vitamins and minerals are required to restore nutrient levels and increase metabolism.

Physician Grade™ AM/PM Vitamins have been specifically formulated for the weight-loss industry to provide the proper blend of nutrients in a unique daily two dosage regimen. Why take a vitamin in the morning and another in the evening? Think of it this way. How would you feel if you ate all the day’s food only in the morning? Pretty unhealthy might be your guess! Your body requires a balance of nutrients throughout the entire day. Add some moderate exercise and you found the secret key to a healthy body and successful weight loss!

Additional supplements have been added to Physician Grade™ AM/PM Vitamins increasing their bio-availability and fat-burning properties. The AM Vitamin contains a full compliment of nutrients rich in energy support while the PM Vitamin supplies nutrients required to help the body relax and deal with stress. Both vitamins contain ingredients to help control hunger.

Doctors agree that you can lose weight faster through better nutrition. Physician Grade™ AM/PM Vitamins are doctor recommended products that can help you achieve your goals. 

A total of 60 high potency caplets both bottles....only $34.95

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